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How much is 1 unit of electricity?

We all are used to getting itemized bill for our telephones. We find it very easy to understand where we spent most of our money when we get an itemized bill. Unfortunately there is no technology yet that can do the same for electricity bills. A lot is being researched to achieve itemized billing, but we are still some years from it. Having said that, we at Bijli Bachao are on our journey to identify such process or technology. And we keep getting this question frequently that how much is 1 unit of electricity and how to figure out how much an appliance is using. To help answer the question we have created a sample infographic (below) that shows a rough approximation of the time an appliance can take to consume 1 unit of electricity. The numbers below are a good representation but the actual numbers may vary depending on multiple factors like environment, maintenance, efficiency, etc.


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