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Samsung’s 5G Commercial Services to be launched by 2020

In 2020, Samsung, the Korean handset maker is aiming to develop the new core technology for the 5G network. Its a super fast wireless generation network which can download a movie just in one second. As per comparison to current 4G network, this network will work at 28 Gigahertz waveband to successfully send the data at 1 Gbps.

It is also said that users will be able to” transmit a large files of data i.e. high quality digital movies without any practical limitations.”

This new technology is based on incredible platform to cater the download & upload speeds at a speed of tens of gigabits per second as compared to the speed of 75 Mbps used by the 4G technology.

Real time signals are being exchanged by the smart phone with the help of  64 antenna elements. As per company’s statement this technology would be soon become an international standard.

The company has found a way to discover the new techniques to use the millimeter wave band which now has become a new update for the mobile industry.

Around 20 million 4G users are present in South Korea  in the widest area covering the whole world.

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