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Industry’s First FTTD Solution launched by Huawei

One of the global leader in ICT i.e. Information & Communication Technology providing unique service to the consumer i.e. one & only fiber to the door (FTTD) solution.

Being an ultra broasband solution it provides data rates of around 100 Mbit/s to 1000 Mbit/s quite fast via. twisted pair or coaxial cables by developing different types of technologies, project implementation technologies, service provisioning & OAM technologies.

In this modern world for accessing large size videos & use the cloud services consumers need ultra broadband solutions. Already the earlier techniques like FTXX i.e. categorized into two parts like  FTTB and FTTH. Some cons & pros of using FTTB are like limited bandwidth, power supply issues based on different kinds of site location, grounding issues. Similarly, in case of FTTH most problem anyone faces is high cost, long installation time, drop fiber installation. Nowadays telco opertors are providing higher bandwidth at home by using copper cables rather than fiber cables.

So, if we talk about FTTD there are some quite advantages i.e. free grounding, reverse power supply, free configuration to support the plug-and-play feature &  no need to perform on-site configurations. Again FTTH OSS system is reused for OAM & service provisioning & the same equipments is easy to handled.

President, Access Network Product Line at Huawei You Yiyong told “Huawei is dedicated to continuous customer-centric innovation. We believe that the FTTD solution can help our customers resolve difficulties in deploying FTTH networks. Relying on the advantages of the FTTD solution such as ultra-broadband access through any medium, simple deployment, and remote management, operators can stay ahead of the fierce market competition and achieve business success.”

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