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Reliance – Aircel Intra-Circle Roaming agreement to be signed

A new ICRA to be signed on between two big private operators one is Aircel & another is Reliance to continue uninterrupted services by expanding the network coverage across the whole country by offering handsome amount of facilities.

Already RCOM’s possess network foot print which would be expanded by 10,000 base stations which will attract 100 million customers where the market value is around 10,000 crore. So, Reliance is very much interested in ICRA which going to be initiated soon to the existing 2G GSM operators across India. The main advantage will be for the roaming customers as they will not be charged any additional fee.

‘Pay As You Use’ model is the term mentioned in the agreement between Aircel & Reliance to improve quality of service & also to operate efficiently. Capex and Opex will get optimized as soon as the alliance becomes effective which will really improve network coverage like in-building & outdoor.

At the end of second quarter Reliance is hoping that some positive outcome will be there as the company is in talk with several other operators.

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