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Best Music Player Apps for Android

Are you a music freak like me? Want to try remixing songs on your own? Then here is a list of Android apps for music lovers like us.

Google Play Music

The first music app that comes to my mind is the Google’s music player app. It is simple with cool interface for easy access of music files. As it supports cloud storage, you can listen to your songs anytime, anywhere, and interestingly on any of your Android devices. Of-course, it allows offline playback too.


Want to enhance the sound quality of the songs or add some additional audio effects? Then this ‘equalizer’ app is for you. It has got many cool features like bass booster, Virtualizer, stock presets and many more that help to enhance your music listening experience.


This is the most widely known music player for Windows and is available for Android users too. Winamp allows wireless sync capabilities i.e., you can easily import songs or playlists from your desktop computer.


Search for music files or record on your own using the SoundCloud music app for Android phones. You can either listen or share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and 4Square. Want to listen to the latest songs, this app is just for you.


It has got over 18 million songs in its database and you can easily listen to your favorite songs by adding them to your playlist. Of-course, you’ll need a good internet connection.

Music Volume EQ

This particular app is a favorite of mine. It has got a 5 band equalizer, bass booster, media control volume and many more sound enhancing features.

Interestingly, there are pretty good number of music apps on the Android play store, but I’ve picked these based on their features and user reviews.

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