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Samsung Galaxy S5 rumored to use Sharp’s 2K display

According to a report by Chinese website Tencent, Samsung has decided not to use a Super AMOLED HD display panel for its Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone. Traditionally, ever since the first Galaxy S smartphone, Samsung has always preferred its own AMOLED displays for its flagships.

However, according to the report based on unconfirmed information, the Galaxy S5 will be an exception, as Samsung has chosen Sharp to provide a 5.25″ 2K Ultra HD LTPS display panel. It’s going to pack an exceptional pixel density of 560 pixels per inch.

The reason behind Samsung’s decision resides in one of its subsidiaries, which has run into production issues with the 2K Ultra HD AMOLED displays. As a result of them, the company can’t keep up the production and won’t be able to make enough of them to meet the expected Galaxy S5 demand.

Choosing Sharp will also allow Samsung to free up its display factories for the upcoming flexible line-up of AMOLED displays, which it hopes will reach large market availability by 2015. Additionally, if Sharp really turns out to be the manufacturer of Galaxy S5’s displays, this will be beneficial to Samsung, which owns 3% stake in the company back in March.

The report confirms earlier evidence of the Galaxy S5’s 2K UHD display, which popped up in a leaked benchmark of the device. Other rumors suggest the Galaxy S5 will be launched (or at least shown) as early as Q1 of this year, have a 16 MP snapper with the ISOCELL tech, perhaps without optical image stabilization and possibly with some elements resistance in tow. That is hard to take in all at once, we know.

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